Learning Objectives

  1. Profile global immune population changes in response to airway epithelial injury using an immunophenotyping flow cytometry panel and robust cell specific gating strategy.
  2. Characterize tracheal macrophages as:
    1. An injury responsive immune cell type that undergoes the most extensive expansion following airway injury
    2. Phenotypically distinct from macrophages found in the distal lung
    3. Monocyte-derived cells that are recruited from the bone marrow to the site of injury
  3. Understand the mechanisms of macrophage activation and how this pro-regenerative activation phenotype contributes to airway epithelial repair.


Alexandra Ysasi, presenter, has no relevant financial relationships to disclose.

Session date: 
08/03/2022 - 4:30pm to 5:00pm EDT
United States

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