Day 1 - School Health Management

Lesson 1E:
Leadership in School Nursing Practice

There are four (4) sections in this lesson, which will take about 20 minutes to complete. Please make sure you scroll down the page and participate fully in all the sections.

  1. Review the Leadership Principles in the Framework for the 21st Century School Nursing Practice™ – a NASN position statement.


  2. As a subspecialty nursing practice, the Scope and Standards of School Nursing Practice are naturally aligned with the American Nurses Associations’ Scope and Standards of Nursing Practice. Leadership has long been listed as a key practice standard.
    1. Read the Leadership Standard excerpted from School Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice (3rd ed.)
    2. Take particular note of the sections in blue that are specific to school nursing practice
    3. Consider how these leadership standards are different from your prior or current nursing practice. How will you apply these standards to your school nursing practice?


  3. Read School Nursing and Population Health: Past, Present, and Future


  4. Read and complete the reflection activity provided in this document: Reflect on School Nurse Leadership


  1. Free online courses (require registration in another Learning Management System):
    1. Introduction to Systems Thinking
    2. Embracing the Inevitable: Practical Change Management
  2. Article (requires payment or NASN membership for free access): “Breaking the Glass Cage. The Power of Data, Courage, and Voice” by Erin D. Maughan, PhD, MS, RN PHNA-BC, FSASN, FAAN.
    Abstract: A glass ceiling or cage is the notion that certain groups—mostly women or minorities—are held back, often due to their own beliefs. Yet there are limiting beliefs and actions that also put school nursing in a glass cage. This article explores five actions school nurses must take in order to break the glass cage holding school nursing back as a profession.