Day 2 - Students and Families

Lesson 2C:
51As and Mandated Reporting

This lesson includes 3 (three) sections and will take about 1 hour and 10 minutes to complete. Please make sure you scroll down the page and participate in all sections.

  1. Instructions: (45 minutes)
    Take the online 51A Mandated Reporter Training designed by the Middlesex Children’s Advocacy Center and the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office. You need to register to take the course and when you’re done, you may print a certificate (printing the certificate is optional for this course). Note: no CNE credit is being offered by BU CME/CN for this section of the training.

    Note you will leave the SHIELD website to take this training. When you click on the link a new tab in your browser will open. When you are finished, close the tab to return to SHIELD and continue with this lesson.
  2. Required Readings: (16 minutes)
    Read these four handouts:
  3. Review the Department of Children & Families Website: (10 minutes)
    In particular, find/review the following: