Day 2 - Students and Families

Lesson 2D:
Students Experiencing Homelessness or Foster Care

This lesson includes 3 (three) sections and will take about 40 minutes to complete. Please make sure you scroll down the page and participate in all sections.


  1. Watch the PPT recording: (12 min)


  2. Read the following handouts: (17 min)
    1. Educational Stability for Students in Foster Care. Print or save this for future reference.
    2. Education for Homeless Children & Youths
    3. BEST PRACTICES IN HOMELESS EDUCATION BRIEF SERIES: Determining Eligibility for McKinney-Vento Rights and Services. Scan the brief so you’re familiar with the rights and services.
  3. Visit the DESE websites:
    1. Scroll down and find the most recent DESE data (Homeless Education Data Collection Report 2017-2018):
    2. Review this data. Do the numbers surprise you? Do you know how many homeless students are in your school? If not, find out!