The QI Hub has launched a progressive certification framework in quality improvement. The framework serves to recognize the effort staff dedicate toward achieving improvements both department and hospital-wide, and their contributions to building a culture of quality at the organization. In order to become certified through this program, staff at Boston Medical Center and the Boston HealthNet should submit an application to: Quality Improvement Certification Application.

Certification Criteria

Bronze: Quality Improvement Learning

  • Must complete IHI QI 101-102 and PS 100-102, or equivalent curriculum
  • Must pass 25 question knowledge assessment in application form
  • Participated substantively as a team member on an improvement project

Silver: Quality Improvement Leadership

  • Fulfills all Bronze requirements
  • Leads/Co-Leads* and completes one quality improvement project of at least 6 months in duration with at least 2 PDSA cycles.
    • The improvement project should have had rigorous*** design, but it is not necessary to achieve sustained improvement.
  • Presented work in at least an internal forum (BMC Quality Week, presentation to department)


Gold: Quality Improvement Leadership - Achieves Improvement

  • Fulfills all Bronze and Silver requirements
  • Leads/Co-Leads** and completes two quality improvement project of at least 6 months in duration with at least 2 PDSA cycles that realized sustained improvement for the organization.
    • Sustained Improvement: Following implementation of intervention, performance is at or better than goal for a minimum of three months.


Diamond: Quality Improvement Teaching and Advocacy: 

  • Fulfills all Bronze, Silver and Gold requirements
  • Oversees an educational curriculum in department or section for trainees, or
  • Has definitive QI educational role in a professional group, or
  • Regional or national level leadership in QI (e.g. statewide committee), or
  • Promotes/leads rollout of quality as a cultural competency at the organization


Certification Status Leadership Tiers

* Silver Status Applicant:

  • Applies QI methodology and tools with mentorship, with an increasing level of independence over time.
  • Applies systems-based thinking to articulate a vision for improvement.
  • Engages stakeholders, and creates a culture of collective problem-solving and open-mindedness to diverse perspectives.

** Gold Status Applicant:

  • Demonstrates all leadership capabilities outlined by a silver status applicant.
  • Applies QI methodology and tools with little to no oversight.
  • Leverages advanced understanding of the psychological aspects such that the leader may positively influence behavior, activate agency, and apply human factors principles to design an effective, sustainable improvement project.
  • Fosters an improvement culture through continuous engagement of local leaders.

*** Rigorous Design:

  • A complete aim statement
  • A type of current state assessment
  • An interprofessional approach
  • Data over time
  • Description of 2 PDSA cycles (or indication for why 2 PDSA cycles were not needed)
  • Gold Only: two projects demonstrating sustained improvement.