Meaningful Participation Criteria

The QI Hub has established the following minimum participation standards, which should be used as a guide when planning your QI Effort. Should any disputes arise among participating clinicians regarding their eligibility for credit, these are the standards they will be held to when resolving the dispute.

To receive MOC/CME/CNE credit, the learner must:

  1. Perform at least one of the following roles:
    • Provides direct or consultative care to patients
    • Facilitates/supervises a resident-led QI effort
    • Leader or core implementation team member of a QI effort
  2. Test, implement and assimilate the QI Effort’s intervention(s) into practice as appropriate to role, in at least 50% of available opportunities.
  3. Collect, submit and/or review data at least three times. Reviewing key performance metrics for the project must happen at least quarterly. Monthly or weekly review is strongly encouraged.
  4. Collaborate actively by attending at least four project meetings throughout the course of the project.
  5. Complete electronic attestation, certifying completion of the above requirements.


If you have any questions, please e-mail Emily Jansen at, or by calling the BUSM CME Office at 617-358-5004.