Day 2 - Students and Families

Lesson 2E:
Behavioral Health

This lesson includes 3 (three) sections and will take about 75 minutes to complete. Please make sure you scroll down the page and participate in all sections.

  1. Watch PPT/video produced by Adria Pavletic: (25 min)


  2. Required Readings: (13 min)
    1. Mental/Behavioral Health Tips and Tools
    2. NASN Position Statement: The School Nurse’s Role in Behavioral/Mental Health of Students


  3. Websites Review: (30 min)
    1. Spend about 30 minutes viewing the links and tools provided in SHIELD’s Social and Emotional Resources web page
    2. In particular, bookmark or download the Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Questioning Resource Toolkit
    3. In addition, the Trauma Sensitive Schools website has two publications you’ll want to download for later review and reference: