Day 2 - Students and Families

Lesson 2E:
Behavioral Health

This lesson includes 3 (three) sections and will take about 75 minutes to complete. Please make sure you scroll down the page and participate in all sections.

  1. Watch PPT/video produced by Adria Pavletic: (25 min)


  2. Required Readings: (13 min)
    1. Mental/Behavioral Health Tips and Tools
    2. NASN Position Statement: The School Nurse’s Role in the Behavioral/Mental Health of Students


  3. Review Health Websites: (30 min)
    1. Spend about 30 minutes viewing the links and tools provided on SHIELD’s Social and Emotional Health Resources web page
    2. In particular, bookmark or download the LGBTQIA+ Resource Guide
    3. In addition, the Trauma Sensitive Schools website has two publications you’ll want to download for later review and reference: