The Massachusetts Vaccine Confidence Project was able to set up a Take the Shot Night at Lenox Middle and Senior High School on February 8th. This year's event at Lenox Memorial High School educated 54 students and family members and was well-received by the Lenox School community.

Jennifer Drees commented: "I think anytime that parents and students can understand that vaccines are not just something that is a requirement, but truly have positive and negative consequences, I believe it empowers families to feel well educated in their decision making. The event at LMMHS was well received and a positive experience for my students. It just so happened that several of our school board members and our Superintendent were in the school building and able to participate as well. It was a positive promotion for School Health here at LMMHS. I am looking forward to having this event next fall and hope to have more families participate and learn more about the importance of getting the HPV vaccine for their students."

Team Maureen is a nonprofit organization based in Massachusetts that works to end cervical cancer by educating about the importance of prevention of HPV through vaccination, and early detection of cervical cancer through screening tests. Team Maureen's Take the Shot night invites middle school-aged students for a special event at the High School Basketball game because they are the appropriate age for HPV vaccination--a vaccine that prevents 6 cancers later in life. The event includes free t-shirts for students, a prize wheel, a half-time free throw competition, and educational tables for students and families on the importance of HPV vaccination and the connection between HPV and cancer. For more information, email

Team Maureen partners with the Massachusetts Vaccine Confidence Project (MVCP) to increase vaccine confidence throughout Massachusetts to ensure that all residents are fully protected against serious, vaccine-preventable disease.

Kelly Welch from Team Maureen and Lenox Memorial school nurse Jennifer Drees at the Take the Shot event.

- Kelly Welch from Team Maureen and Lenox Memorial school nurse Jennifer Drees -